Can You Help Us to Help Them?

Nowsis is a not-for-profit social enterprise, born out of a pressing need that was ever present to the team at Clinic 66 - which is very busy, commercially run private sexual and reproductive health clinic in Chatswood, Australia.


Right now, Nowsis is enabling professional medical abortion services by telehealth to be delivered to women all over Australia at a price that is as inclusive as possible (but is not profitable). We do this important and necessary work via 


We're currently operating at capacity every day, and in order to meet the increasing demand, we must grow in a safe and sustainable manner.  But this means we need more doctors, more administrators, enhanced systems  and more financial support. 


We are actively seeking this now, and welcome any opportunities to consider.  A Government grant? CSR funding? Philanthropical support? An aligned partnership?  We're not sure what it might look like right now, but we look forward to hearing from you.