Current Projects


World Vasectomy Day

Last year, we went to Dubbo! Dr Emma Boulton and Bronte Simpson packed our vasectomy instruments and headed to Dubbo to work with Family Planning NSW to raise awareness about Vasectomy. Men from the region were invited to make a booking for a "bulk billed" vasectomy.  We were booked up within hours of making the announcement and were pleased to support these men in the quest to take responsibility and take one for the team. Well done guys! 

Teleabortion; Caring for women everywhere

The tyranny of distance and the lack of GP providers of medical termination of pregnancy means that huge numbers of women are disadvantaged.  At present there is no Medicare rebate for women to access telehealth unless they have been to a GP practice within 12 months . Our clients come from across Australia and therefore, almost always will have never been to our clinic in Sydney. 

Breaking down barriers to access

There is only one supplier into Australia for the drugs that are used for medical termination of pregnancy. This puts women at risk. If the quality is poor or the supply chain is interrupted, then women in Australia will not be able to undertake medical abortion.  The drugs are cheap and easy to import . Why is it that the Australian government are so reluctant to secure this vital import? Why do dispensing pharmacists have to go through a special registration process in order to dispense these drugs?