Current Projects



In 2019, we launched, as a 'proof of concept' not-for-profit telehealth outreach initiative of Clinic 66 and 


We've proven the concept, and grown exponentially, but we now need to expand our service capability significantly to meet demand.


We are running at capacity, but will not, under any circumstances, reduce the quality of healthcare we provide. This is not an option, but it means that we have to turn some women away, which is obviously not ideal.


We've streamlined delivery of this essential service and certainly proven that it is not only needed, but is needed much more than we can currently deliver.


Although many people come to us directly, we now have a growing network of GPs and community service providers who refer their clients to our service.


And though we'd like to believe that GPs will take up the provision of medical abortion for their communities, unfortunately it does require substantial time and resources to ensure the safe delivery of medical abortion... which is why they refer their clients to our 100% focussed support. 

We're looking for Support to Safely & Sustainably Grow this Essential Not-For-Profit Health Service

Dr Emma Boulton discusses where we're at right now (Aug 22) and why we're seeking support to grow.
Dr Emma Boulton discusses where we're at right now (Aug 22) and why we're seeking support to grow.
  • We need More Doctors.
  • We need more Support Staff.
  • We need Technology & comms/tech expertise to help us streamline our communication processes before, during and after the consultation.
  • We need Financial Support to enable us to grow without any pain - We can't afford to put any strain on our doctors or support staff while we grow, as this may effect our quality of care... and that's just not negotiable!

    This could be in the form of a Grant (Government or Otherwise), CSR Funding, Private Investor, Partnership etc. We are very open to opportunities.