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Nowsis is an Australian not-for-profit social enterprise, conceived by the team at Clinic 66, to answer an identified pressing need for more affordable and more accessible sexual & reproductive health services across Australia.

It goes without question, that all humans should have a right to reproductive autonomy. And beyond that, everyone should have the right to access clinical excellence at an affordable price for their reproductive and sexual health needs - which is essential healthcare.


Unlike many areas of modern medicine, Reproductive and Sexual Health (RSH) does not feature highly in medical training . It is often forgotten or neglected by General Practitioners in their professional development and is not a lucrative specialty. This means that  high quality RSH care is frequently unavailable  in primary care, despite its importance for quality of life, and relevance for building healthy communities (though it is important to note that this does not include assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF, which are widely available).

Clinic 66 is a small private clinic in Sydney, with a BIG heart and even bigger ideas

The old paradigm of primary care is changing rapidly, as our consumers are well informed and tech savvy, and technology allows us to overcome the old barriers presented by location and distance.  A new technologically enabled model of health service delivery is rapidly emerging.


Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTOP) is one intervention which is highly suitable to a new telehealth driven service delivery.  MTOP can be undertaken via telehealth, and experienced clinicians can manage the care of women in their own homes. This allows them to undergo the treatment with the dignity and discretion that they deserve.


Through Nowsis , the dedicated and determined Clinic 66 team has proven the concept that clinical excellence can be delivered safely and at an affordable cost via the medical abortion by telehealth outreach initiative -  www.AbortionOnline.com.au. 


Access to abortion is not something that should be denied or restricted, either due to lack of funds or location. Access to abortion is a fundamental human right.  Unfortunately in Australia it has not been integrated into mainstream healthcare, mostly due to faith based politics which hampers health service delivery and commissioning.  


However it is clear that the vast majority of Australians want access to abortion in their communities .

Where to from here?

NOWSIS  is exploring the opportunity to collaborate with any government or non-government organisation which aspires to improve the health and well-being of women in reproductive years in their communities (particularly with regard to accessing abortion care).


For further information contact: 


Dr Emma Boulton


02 9411 3411


Dr Emma Boulton | Founder & Director
Dr Emma Boulton | Founder & Director

What does Nowsis mean?


NOWSIS was conceived as a combination of the imperative and the community. 


We can make it happen... NOW

We are all SISters and can do this together.