About Us

Nowsis is an Australian Not for Profit entity supporting men and womens reproductive health

Closely associated with our specialised general practice in Sydney, Clinic 66, we are 100% committed! Our core aim is to improve outcomes and wellbeing of our clients, particularly those who are disadvantaged. 

Why are you doing this?


Clinic 66 is a private medical practice and recieves no funding from any external agency.  This means that we can only provide services using Medicare and gap fees paid by our clients.  As everyone knows, quality is expensive and in order to maintain our high standards, we have to guarantee our income using fees from our clients. However, we frequently come across mainly women ( but sometimes men too) who dont have the funds to pay for private medical services.  This is where nowsis comes in. 

What can I do ?

By donating to nowsis, you are directly contributing to a fund which subsidises our services to individuals and families who are disadvantaged.  We provide abortion , contraception and consulting to all who need our help.